Why travel with us?

Our every team member has his own special travel experience: some book all-inclusive tours, others go backpacking to the distant corners of our vast country, some explore national parks and reserves, and some buy one-hour excursion about unfamiliar cities and rush with 2-3 guide-books trying to grasp the essential and not to miss a thing. Personal experience helped us to create the main advantages of traveling with Road to Moscow:

Exclusive access. We offer a unique opportunity to visit places closed to the mass tourist. Being escorted by the organizers and having passed the huge lines, you will take the best spectators' seats. For you we will open the doors of the Grand Kremlin Palace, which is President’s ceremonial residence. You will gain a glimps into the backstage area of the Bolshoi Theater, known all over the world for its stage performances and theater company. And.. have you heard the tickets to the world-famous festival have been sold out about half a year ago? Don't worry! We made sure you have tickets to the VIP-tribune!

Program that meets your intersets. When crafting our exclusive tourist programs, we choose the most interesting places and unusual events of our city. Our programs reflect only a part of our possibilities. Together with you, we can create a unique tour that meets your interests. We can compile programs, exclude or add an event, increase the length of your stay, or on the controrary, shorten it. Allow free play to your fancy and we will bring it to life!

24/7 support. In addition to an interpretere, each group of travelers is accompanied by a special program coordinator who is always ready to help. We stay in touch with our clients 24/7 regardless of the day of the week and the time of day.

Comfort. We recognize private space and comfort to be very important on vacation, therefore our groups number up to 20 travelers. Small groups allow us to meet all your wishes, paying maximum attention and maintaining an individual approach.

Information availability. Traveling with Road to Moscow, you will be always heard and understood, even if you don't speak Russian. Each group is accompanied by a professional interpreter with an audio guide system wich allows us not to spend precious time on consecutive interpreting, so that you acquire the full information in the shortest time.

Local guides. During the entire trip, you will be escorted by people who live in Moscow and know the most attractive places, both popular among tourists, and visited only by the locals. Passionate about our city, they will show you the most beautiful buildings hidden in the center of Moscow, tell amazing stories and interesting legends which can't be found in any famous guide-book.

High quality accommodation. With us, your accommodation will be as comfortable as possible. We offer world-known 4* & 5* hotels located in the city center. After a busy day you can always spend an evening at a restaurant located nearby or just stroll around the city admiring its night beauty. You should have no difficulty getting back to the hotel as it always remains within walking distance to the most popular sights.

Authentic eating. You will get acquainted with the variety of ethnic foods and a real Russian hospitality. Every day the best restaurants of the capital will surprise you with the local gourmet cuisine. You will taste the signature dishes of Moscow chefs who cooked, or still cook at the Kremlin. In addition to Russian cuisine, you will also be offered the international one: Italian, Chinese, European and Japanese.

Esthetics everywhere. When travelling with Road to Moscow, we want you to get the esthetic pleasure everywhere you go. That's the reason we pay great attention to details when crafting our programs. Trust us, and everything within your journey will satisfy your eyes, indulge your soul, create positive impressions and lifetime memories.

Road to Moscow

Road to Moscow

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