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Lyudmila Tsoy, Development Director

"Hi everyone! My name is Lyudmila Tsoy, I am the Road to Moscow Development Director. There was a sweeping change in the world when I was a child. The change was called the Dissolution of the USSR. And due to the economic factors, my family could not afford frequent trips abroad, more honestly, we didn’t travel anywhere. Moscow has been a dream city, a city from the screen for me.

I was born and grew up till the age of 15 in one of the post-Soviet republics. Being a loner child with few friends, I was passionate for reading. The books were my window to the world of travel and adventure.

Years passed and, of course, I visited many countries and cities, saw many beautiful places, met many interesting and kind people. But for me Moscow is still the most beautiful city – a dream city, a city from the screen. And I'm sure that it will always be like this.

Perhaps, that’s one of the reasons my professional journey led me to the travel industry. And being part of the travel industry, I have an opportunity to tell you about the largest city in Europe, to introduce you the hero-city, the capital of the largest country in the world. I’d appreciate you, my friends, to love Moscow as I love it. Our company and I."

Daria Shamray, Cultural Programs Director

"I really love Moscow and I travel a lot. Over the past few years, I had an opportunity to travel to both distant corners of our country (the Altai Mountains, Lake Baikal, Sakhalin Island) and interesting cities all around the world (Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, Delhi, Helsinki).

But every time I travel, I'm looking forward to coming back home as I’ve never seen a city similar to Moscow. Moscow is very different: it’s dynamic and lively for those who do business and work hard, it’s uniquely majestic and mysterious for those who come to get acquainted with its history, it’s cozy and romantic for those who are ready to stroll along its streets and lanes. And certainly for everyone Moscow is delightful and surprising. It leaves an unforgettable lifetime impression.

For me Moscow is always different and beloved, and I want to share it with everyone who is ready to go for an adventure named “Road to Moscow”, your road to Moscow."

Anna Bereza, Director of Event Tourism Association

"Taking into account my passion for sudden short trips to Europe, it's no wonder I'm considered to be a travel nut in the company of friends. 12 countries, no luggage, no travel plan, but a passport, a credit card and maps downlowded to my phone turned into thousands of photos, hundreds of new friends and dozens of places known only to the local ones!

And thanks to my recent experience (attracting volunteers to large city and international events), within the last 7 years I managed to attend Moscow's best events and to see them from the inside: secret corridors, dressing rooms with their special energy, exciting stage passages. The City Day, the Urban Forum, the Tank Biathlon Competition, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory, the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and many other events have come out of shell, and therefore became even more interesting.

I was always attracted to everything exclusive, closed to the eyes of ordinary viewers. That's why today with special pleasure and trembling I craft behind-the-scenes programs specially for you."

Olga Kopylova, Southeast Asia Travel Programs Coordinator

"I was lucky to be born in a country with a variety of cultures, nationalities, natural beauties and climate. Not every country on Earth has 4 seasons! I was born and grew up in the heart of Russia, in a metropolis where things are humming for 24 hours. I always travel not only abroad, but to different Russian cities as well as there are so many things to discover. Having visited Kaliningrad, I could say for sure that I have never ever tastied food better then there. And that's because they care for the quality of their products, and the Baltic Sea fills you with its enegry for a long time. St. Petersburg is known to be the cultural capital and will plunge you into the Peter's times. And if you are up to luxuriant sunshine, Sochi and the Crimean coast will welcome you with open arms. And of course, my beloved Moscow, my hometown… I have several reasons to adore Moscow: family, friends, work, contrasts, rhythm, history and majesty."

Svetlana Pokusaeva, Internet Projects Coordinator

"Hi, my name is Svetlana! I have been traveling a lot since childhood. By the time of graduation I managed to live in 4 different countries, visit more than 20 cities, attend all in all 7 schools in Russia, Austria, USA, China, and learn two foreign languages. Not bad, right? And can you guess what my very first discovery at the age of 5 was? Supermarket doors can open themselves! They do not need to be pushed or pulled! This may seem ridiculous now, but having left the Soviet Union for the first time we have moved to Vienna (Austria) and the world for our family suddenly ceased to be the same. Toasters, washing machines, dryers, yogurts, toys, rollers, bicycles - everything was amazing and new for us back then in the 90s. The troublesome times have passed, Russia has become a modern country. And tought Moscow is a huge metropolis now, it still keeps an amazing history, which I will be happy to share with you!"

Road to Moscow

Road to Moscow

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