Our story

In 2009 we were asked to create business internship programs for representatives of city’s professional communities and employees of Moscow Government. At the time we barely knew each other, but our life experience helped us think outside the box. That year we became a team.

We implemented the project successfully and remained to work actively with delegations from different countries. Every delegation had its’ own special purpose of visit and we were challenged to present them an exclusive non-mass market content. Each of our project was thought through and uniquely designed.

Having worked like this for several years, we had a great mind to introduce the unique places and events not available at the mass tourism market to more people. We decided to use our experience to create new exclusive products for the travel industry. So the idea of the event tourism development has started up.

Today, Road to Moscow company is a team of young professionals incorporated to create a unique product of exceptional quality for both groups of tourists and individual travellers.

Our experience

Road to Moscow

Road to Moscow

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